You wanted to go to the open outer space but now you are in the Confined Space. You start with nothing. You need to build a rocket that would take you out — checkpoint by checkpoint.

🚀 This is a physics-based puzzle game with indirect control.

🚀 You can choose one of two hull shapes for your rocket. Then add thrusters to it. There are four types of thrusters: forward, backward, left-sided and right-sided. There are two important mechanics you can use to control thrusters:

  • Drag them around to change where their force is applied. This can result in acceleration and/or rotation, blah blah physics…
  • Change when they kick in and stop working. For this select a thruster and drag those orange triangular marks. Pink fuel bar will gradually decrease when the rocket is launched, indicating when a thruster is turned on and off.

Play around and learn to use these features to get the rocket where you want it!

🚀 Note: sometimes you can accidentally click on a thruster button several time, resulting in adding multiple thrusters stacked on top of each other and totally not see it! I only realised it later when watching people play (and would not have time to fix it during compo) so fixing this by letting you know, so it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!


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Challenging game! challenges the conventions of rocket science for sure
I've beaten 6 lvls and Then figured how to use fuel restrictors. But no, patience isn't with me today. the lack of restrictions on construction is kinda refreshing.

Edit: OMG you Can Move Thrusters! Figured by screenshots.. The game grows on me! not the music tho. insanity

You can also mute the music if you want to :)