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I reached the level, where jellyfish appears and stuck on it. 

I didn't want to sacrifice tentacles and tried to kill all the enemies with "melee" attacks. It turned to be quite difficult for me, so I had to restart level again and again. After about 10th restart, game screen faded into black and stayed like this notwithstanding all my attempts to 'resolve' the situation. I could hear the sounds of the game but couldn't see it. I refreshed the page, and started the game from the very beginning, but the screen stayed black. Only restart of the browser fixed the problem, but then I began to play for the second time and happened quite the same - after about 10th restart, game screen faded into black and stayed like this.

May be it's only my problem, but also it may be a 'common' bug and admins should have a look.

I'm not sure why people are downvoting this comment, it's an actual bug and should be fixed


Good fun game.
It will take you about 15-20 minutes to complete the game, especially if you are tired after the workday. The first three levels are pretty easy, but levels 4 and 5 will make you sweat. The difficulty was chosen very well, it was interesting for me to play. I met a few small bugs, but they are not important against the background of the overall fun gameplay.
Thanks to the devs and good luck in future projects!